Articles should be typed into a Word document with no more than 800 words of text and 10 key References (Tables, Images with copyright information, and Videos are encouraged) and emailed to Include the names of one or two potential reviewers when submitting a publication.

Articles that should contain citations should follow this guideline:  a bibliography organized alphabetically and containing all details referred in the following style:  surname, initial(s), year, the title of the article, name of the journal, volume, number, pages. 

We welcome articles from the conservation community of all SAARC countries, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and other tropical countries if relevant to SAARC countries’ problems and potential.   

Type — Articles of semi-scientific or technical nature.   News, notes, announcements of interest to the conservation community, and personal opinion pieces.

Feature articles — articles of a conjectural nature — opinions, theoretical, subjective.

Case reports — case studies or notes, short factual reports, and descriptions.   

News and announcements — short items of news or announcements of interest to the zoo and wildlife community

Cartoons, puzzles, crosswords, and stories

Subject matter:  Captive breeding, (wild) animal husbandry and management, wildlife management, field notes, conservation biology, population dynamics, population genetics, conservation education and interpretation, wild animal welfare, conservation of flora, natural history, and history of zoos.  Articles on rare breeds of domestic animals are also considered.

Source:  Zoos, breeding facilities, holding facilities, rescue centres, research institutes, wildlife departments, wildlife protected areas, bioparks, conservation centres, botanic gardens, museums, universities, etc.  Individuals interested in conservation  with information and opinions to share can submit articles ZOO'S PRINT magazine.

Editorial details
Articles will be edited without consultation unless previously requested by the authors in writing.   Authors should inform editors if the article has been published or submitted elsewhere for publication.